Sunday, October 29, 2006

"No carrots today? What the duece?"
We didn't get to Costco today due to the torrential rain in New England this Saturday...So our bunz were a bit pissed off that they didn't get their daily carrot slice...(We usually buy a five pound bag, that lasts about 2 weeks for the 3 of them!)
"I'll let it slide this time....As long as you make it up to me in brocoli/spinach."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sometimes a bunny-mom can't capture all of her kid's cuteness. But we try. Despite obligations, such as work, and family.
Bungee is "getting sleeeeeepy..."
Hey, we finally got a visible profile of Mabel!

"Do not hate me because I am beyoutiful."
"I loves me my's florets, but what I really am trying to hear is the snap of CARrots."
Hugo is doing his Popeye imitation:
"I eats me my spinach so I'm strong to tha finish..."
"I disapprove of your blog-work quality lately. I demand you quit your new job."
"I second that motion. My treats and out-time have been significantly downsized."
Both: "Do you hear us, mom? Our quality of playtime has been significantly decreased due to your "need" to be away from us to "work" to provide us with "food" and "water." It is blatantly obvious that we are SOOO unhappy with our lives, as you will no doubt NOTE in this above picture. We are now drafting a petition to commit you to our total servitude."

Friday, October 13, 2006

Today, I must post some Supreme Rabbit Disapproval: (You have been warned!!!)

Hugo says: "I disapprove of plumbers who want to charge Mom $450.41 (discounted) to put in a new faucet handle in the bathroom sink. She has much more pertinent things to spend her money on. Like veggies and hay and treats and toys for me."
Ahh, the realities of home ownership have finally set in, one year later.
I think I'll buy my own 60 dollar faucet and do it myself, thanks. Savings of course go straight to my rabbit-masters.

Friday, October 06, 2006

My 3 bunz love to play in old cardboard beer boxes...
Hugo, caught in the act.
Look at that innocent face!!!
Mabel likes to help in the destruction:
What a guilty little face! Its ok, Mabel, we ENCOURAGE this. Just don't try doing it to the rug:)
YUM! Hay in a basket!

I love Hugo's little white tummy, just like Bugs Bunny!
"Ok, mom, you've harassed us enough while we eat."
This is when their little bellies are full of hay!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The kids love to deconstruct cardboard boxes.
I swear, I didn't put her ear like that!
Best friends!
Hugo says:

"What are you looking at?!?"
Hugo has a carrot mustache!
Mabelline loves the outdoors!
Hugo and Bungelina are best friends!
Hugo, my sleepy bun...
Bungelina, my princess bun...
And finally:
Mabelline, my snuggle bun!