Saturday, April 12, 2008


I've been more dedicated to my bunnies lately than this blog. But here is a quick update.
Hugo's rasping became chronic. We have been to the emergency vet 5 x since Feb. I took him to a regular vet twice for another opinion. Between all the trips to the vet, he's been on and off various antibiotics, had a shot of steriods, was tried on penicillin....despite our efforts, he almost died from respitory distress several times.
A couple of Sunday nights ago we ended up rushing him in to the emerg room again to get his oxygen therapy, and they took more xrays. Suspected lung cancer. We took him to a place an hour away from us, Tufts animal hospital in Grafton, MA. (We both called into work as we thought we were going to lose him after the worst episode occured that morning).
They took xrays. CTs. A biopsy. He was there two nights with improvement.
Whenever he is away from us, he seems to get better. However, the vets suspected cancer as there is a mass taking up 40% of one of his lungs.
We took him home a week ago Wed, thinking the worst. However, Hugo's breathing had been normal as he spent a few days away.
Thursday we got the result of the biopsy. No cancer. No infection. Simply inflammation.
That was great news. The vet was baffled; she had never seen this outcome before. But she was happy.
So for the last week we have been giving Hugo an anti-inflam orally once a day. Knock on wood - no more rasping. He was a bit tramatized the first day back, but now he is back to his happy bouncy piggy self.
It has been a long tough road for me and Mike, but especially Hugo. I hope we are out of the woods. Today we are getting the living room carpet replaced, as we suspect that there was something irriating his lungs. However if we have to give him his anti-inflam meds for the rest of his life, that is something we will do. He is a fighter, and he wants to live. I don't think any of our other bunnies would have survived all of the trips in the car and meds and poking and needles and anesthesia.
I will post pics soon. He has a big shaved spot on his side from where they took the biopsy and the fronts of both paws are shaved, and it looks kind of poodle-ish.

For now, Mabel and I are hanging out in the computer room, as we cleared out the entire living room last night. She is staring at me as I type, I'm sure thinking mommy is a big computer dork.

Will update again soon. Thanks for everyone's patience


Hilda said...

Oh, Hugo, the vet--how dreadful! I am purring for you to get better!

bunnygirl said...

Keep getting better, Hugo! Tidbit and I are pulling for you!

lmz said...

Get well soon, Hugo! I'm glad it wasn't cancer, and that your family is so sweet and supportive.

Anonymous said...

you guys have been through a lot and are amazing - so glad to hear it wasn't cancer. i'm sorry you've been through so much but glad to hear he is improving! new carpet sounds like a good idea too.

take good care Hugo - we love your messy boy face :-)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hang in there all ... Our Stanley has a similar symptom and he fades and then recovers ,, it is all quite terrible. Hugo is a toughie.

archi ann said...

in response to your comment on our blog thanking us for the support - you were one of our very first blogger friends and we love you all very much. we hope and pray that Hugo gets well and stays well. you are taking wonderful care of him! hang in there! :-)

Marlena said...

I'm so glad to hear that Hugo is on the mend. You guys are great bunny parents!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, Hugo, you are so brave to go through all of those vet visits and the needles and the medicine and the x-rays. Actually, you are all brave and wonderful for going to so much effort to get Hugo healthy! We're sending you our best wishes for a speedy recovery for Hugo!

Anonymous said...

you are in our prayers, hugo!!! and your parents are absolutely AMAZING to take care of you so well!!!

Kristen said...

I'm so glad to hear everything is ok with Hugo. It must have been really really tough on you guys!

nipper said...

Oh mah goodness!!!! I'm glad I found your blog, but what a story to jump into. SO happy that everybunny's doing better, dig on wood.

Thanks for visiting us, and we're in Manchester, CT!
Binkies and rasins, and carrrrrrrutz!

YowlYY said...

We are new to your blog and are delighted to have found another Hugo bun! I am owned by said Hugo bun (a REW small/medium size) and Miss Eve, a b/w Dutch girl, adopted both from local and not so local bunny rescue centres.
I am glad to read that Hugo's respiratory trouble was "just" an infection and it is getting proper treatment...how is he doing these days?
We're going to put you guys on our "banana & dandelions" list and cross fingers, long limbs and ears for Hugo. It is great to meet other bunny slaves!

Anonymous said...

thank you for coming by and saying goodbye to Archi Ann

how is Hugo doing? and bungee and mabel too?

Kristen said...

How's Hugo? I've been thinking about him!

Friend of the Animals said...

Get better soon Hugo.

I love your blog.